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Ambassador Hotel Taipei, a member of the Worldhotels Deluxe Collection, conveniently located in the central Zhongshan district.


Ambassador Hotel Hsinchu, a contemporary five-star hotel in the city center, just 15 minutes from Hsinchu Science Park.


Ambassador Hotel Kaohsiung, an urban retreat with beautiful views of the Love River.




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To assist the members of Ambassador Welcome Member in fully understanding all of the special services, benefits and prizes of the Welcome Member program, the following terms and conditions have been prepared for members’ reference. Unless otherwise specified, these terms and conditions will apply to all Ambassador Welcome Members regardless of the types and levels of membership.

These regulations will govern participation in the program, and all members have the responsibilities to read and comprehend all of them. In addition, the rules, conditions, benefits and awards pertaining to the Ambassador Welcome Member program might be changed at any time without a prior notice.

The points and other relevant benefits offered by the Ambassador Welcome Member program may be subject to taxes. Any required declaration and tax liability is each member’s sole responsibility. The membership in the Ambassador Welcome Member program and the awarding and redemption of the Ambassador Welcome Member points are invalid when meeting the conditions prohibited by law and are subject to the applicable government regulations. These terms and conditions are legally governed by the laws of Taiwan, Republic of China.

These terms and conditions may only be modified in writing by the Ambassador Hotel Co. Ltd. Other than the regulations mentioned in the previous statements, no employee, agent or other representative of the Ambassador Hotel or Welcome Member program is authorized to modify or revise any of these terms and conditions. Only Ambassador Hotel Co. Ltd. and Ambassador Welcome Member Center are entitled to release the interpretations of these terms and conditions.

  • General Terms and Conditions
    • Ambassador Welcome Member Center holds the rights to change the award points of earning conditions, to withdraw, to limit, to modify or to cancel any award, to increase the Ambassador Welcome Member point requirement to redeem any awards, to change the award categories, to increase, modify or adjust the transferability of the Ambassador Welcome Member points or awards, to add the restrictions on the expiration dates of hotel awards, or to limit the number of rooms available for redemption at any or all of the Ambassador Hotels.
    • The Ambassador Welcome Member program may continue until such time as the program, at its own discretion, elects to designate its termination date. Ambassador Welcome Member Center has the right to terminate the Ambassador Welcome Member program by sending a written notice to the valid members six months in advance. A valid member defined as member who has successfully registered and qualified for the membership within the preceding 12 months.
    • Welcome Member points are valid for 24 months if the Welcome Member account remains active. Points that have not been redeemed within 24 months will be forfeited without notice.
    • A Welcome Member is considered active, if the member account records a minimum amount of TWD 2,000 spent for a single purchase every 12 months. A Welcome Member account which has not recorded a minimum amount of TWD2,000 spent for a single purchase for a period of 12 months will be closed and all Welcome Member points in that account will be forfeited without notice.
    • The discontinuance of a Welcome Member account is automatically process by the membership system. Should the member have any question, please contact Ambassador Welcome Member Center via telephone or e-mail. Members shall not ask to retain cancelled member accounts.
    • Any expenditures for stays at the Ambassador Hotels prior to members’ enrollment and the activation of the membership will not be eligible for retroactive credit.
    • If membership is applied and the account is successfully activated before the bill settlement during a guest’s stay, the expenditure of the visit will be accumulated and Welcome Member points may be earned on the time.
    • The Ambassador Welcome Member may, without notice, discontinue the membership of an Ambassador Welcome Member if a member fails to promptly pay hotel bills or appears to be utilizing the program in a manner inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions or the intent of the program.
    • Ambassador Welcome Member may discontinue membership for any member who acts in an abusive manner or in a manner inconsistent with the laws of Taiwan, R.O.C.
    • The discontinuance of the membership will result in the loss of all accumulated Ambassador Welcome Member points and the Ambassador Welcome Member account will be closed as well.
    • In the event that a hotel ceases to operate as an Ambassador Hotel or a subsidiary company owned, managed, operated, franchised or leased by the Ambassador Hotel Co. Ltd., when staying at the hotel, neither the Ambassador Welcome Member points will be acquired, nor will the Ambassador. Welcome Member points be available for redemption after the termination date at such property, even if the reservation has been made prior to the termination date.
    • The Ambassador Welcome Member points are a member-only benefit. The points accumulated are non-transferable under any circumstances, including divorce or inheritance. In the case of documented death of an Ambassador Welcome Member, his or her Welcome Member points will automatically be confiscated or canceled.
    • An individual member is eligible to have only one Ambassador Welcome Member account. The membership cannot be shared or combined with anyone. Corporations, associations for groups cannot participate in the Ambassador Welcome Member program. Employees of the Ambassador Hotels, the Ambassador Welcome Member partners, the affiliates or subsidiaries of the Ambassador Hotel Co. Ltd. are eligible to enroll in the Ambassador Welcome Member program and earn points.
    • The term “ Ambassador “ as used herein refers to the entities and brand of the Ambassador Hotel Co. Ltd., including but limited to the Ambassador Hotels. The term “ Ambassador Welcome Member Partner “ as used herein refers to the shops, stores and cross industries that have entered into a partnership with the Ambassador Welcome Member to provide the Ambassador Welcome Member benefits.
    • Points shall be provided with the purchase of “Ambassador Gift Certificates.” According to the actual amount paid at the time of purchase, each purchase of TWD1,000 accumulates 5 points. Points shall not be provided when redeeming such certificates.
  • Earning Points at Ambassador Hotels
    • Upon check-in at an Ambassador Hotel, the expenditure of an active Ambassador Welcome Member may automatically be turned, in accordance with the stipulated exchange rate, into Ambassador Welcome Member points.
    • In order for an Ambassador Welcome Member to receive Ambassador Welcome Member points, a valid Ambassador Welcome Member account is required and the member has to register in person. The points will be accumulated in the member’s account in accordance with the stipulated exchange rate. The account number of a member cannot be use by anyone else in order to accrue Welcome Member points, benefits, promotion credits or upgraded membership status.
  • Earning Points for Ambassador Hotel Stays
    • Every purchase of TWD1,000 during their stay at an Ambassador Hotel in Taipei, Hsunchu, or Kaohsiung qualifies a member for 10 “accommodation points” in the Ambassador Welcome Member program. The calculation for the qualification of points is based on actual amounts paid to “Ambassador Hotel” rather than listed prices or par values. Special prices provided through travel agents or wholesale Internet purchases do not fall within the scope of member point accumulation.
    • The member point accumulation scheme for long-term accommodations differs from the aforementioned policy. For long-term accommodations, point accumulation is limited to a maximum of 15 points per day. The stay duration of a long-term accommodation is defined as a stay in which the duration lasts for more than 15 consecutive days.
    • When purchasing vacation packages promoted by cross-industry alliance within Taiwan, members will receive Ambassador Welcome Member bonus points, in lieu of the regular points, for the packaged room rate and any meals, services or activities included in the packages. These points will not be eligible for additional Platinum tier bonus, however, the numbers of members’ stays and room nights will be accumulated to qualify for tier status and promotions.
    • Members of Ambassador Welcome Member may receive Welcome Member points on Eligible Incidental Charges when paying Listed Rates or Discounted Rates. Ten Ambassador Welcome Member points will be awarded for every TWD1,000 Eligible Incidental Charges billed to the member’s room. The Eligible Incidental Charges generally include the expenditure on in-room beverages and entertainment, which should be directly operated and provided by the hotel itself, and other charges, such as laundry, telephone, photocopy and fax charges that are billed to the member’s room.
    • Ambassador Welcome Members may receive Ambassador Welcome Member points for up to five rooms, including the member’s room and additional four, at one time. The member must be a registered guest, stay in one of the rooms, and pay for all of these five rooms. However, only the room occupied by the member will count toward tier status and qualify for current Ambassador Welcome Member promotions. The occupants of the other four rooms, either at time of stay or retroactively, may not receive the benefit of Ambassador Welcome Member point accumulation or promotions.
    • The payment for accommodations by companies, organizations, associations, or groups can be used towards the accumulation of points for a designated member (who must be staying at the hotel as well). In such an instance, the maximum amount that can be used towards point accumulation is equivalent to the price of five rooms (the designated member’s room and four other additional rooms). Points can only be accumulated with the approval of the paying party.
    • In order to qualify for tier status or promotion credits, a member must pay the eligible rate for at least one night during his or her entire stay.
    • The definition of ‘a stay’ is the total number of the consecutive nights spent at one Ambassador Hotel. Back-to-back stays within a 24-hour period at a single Ambassador Hotel will be considered one stay only.
  • Earning Points for Dining at Ambassador Hotels
    • Only Food & Beverage consumption in restaurants of Ambassador Hotels are qualify for every TWD2,000 to receive 10 Welcome Member points rule. Calculation of points accumulation include 10% service charge.
    • The dining calculation includes dining-in, take-out, and catering service at Ambassador hotels in Taipei, Hsinchu, and Kaohsiung.
    • Member may earn Welcome Member points when purchasing Ambassador dining and cash certificates, but not when redeeming the certificates.
    • Maximum points accumulation is 500 points per purchase.
    • Member must inform his/her member status on the reservation, and present the membership card when pay for the bill. No member point shall trace back prior membership status confirmed.
    • It takes three to five weeks for a permanent membership card to be issued. A day after application, the member may login the account to download a temporary membership card from Welcome Member website. A temporary membership card is valid three month from the issue date.
    • Dining in all Ambassador restaurants, take-out, and catering service are eligible for points accumulation. Conference room rental and other services not specified are not eligible for earning points.
    • Member cannot separate a bill in order to meet the minimum requirements for points calculation. Member cannot separate a restaurant bill nor combine restaurant bills for points calculation.
    • If there are more than one members of the Welcome Member program sitting at one table, points shall be accumulated towards one designated member’s account upon mutual agreement amongst all the members involved. In the event that each member is paying individually, this must be made clear before the purchases are made, and points shall be automatically distributed to each member’s account according to the individual amounts paid.
    • Ambassador dining and cash certificates are not valid for points accumulation when they are used to pay for the bill.
    • Restaurant dining can be combined with accommodation to accumulate member points.
  • Redeeming Points for Welcome Member Awards
    • Please visit the homepage of Welcome Member or call the Ambassador Welcome Member award reservation number, as listed below, for the award list, hotel category and information for award redemption.
    • In order to redeem Ambassador Welcome Member points for awards at the Ambassador Hotels, members are required to make reservations, for both accommodations and gift certificates, via Ambassador Welcome Center or the Ambassador Hotels’ online reservation system directly. Please do follow the validation dates shown on the complimentary accommodation or meal certificates while using them. There might be a limited number of guest rooms available for Ambassador Welcome Member award redemption. During certain special events, a hotel may have contractually committed all of its rooms in advance and, as a sequence, Welcome Member award redemption may not be available. Each of the Ambassador Hotels holds the rights of the supply of its guest rooms for award redemptions.
    • Unless specifically stated otherwise, the Ambassador Welcome Member free night awards are only valid for certain room types supplied by the Ambassador Hotels. All Ambassador Welcome Member free accommodation awards may be applied to appointed rooms only and do not apply toward food, beverages, incidental expenses, service charges and hotel specific charges or taxes. Meanwhile, the Ambassador Welcome Member complimentary gift certificates are valid for specific food and beverage items only, as stated on the certificates. Additional charges are exclusive and need to be settled.
    • The Ambassador guest room accommodations indicated among the Ambassador Welcome Member awards are defined as one-bedroom accommodations. The Ambassador Welcome Member Suite upgrade awards and complimentary Suite accommodation awards are redeemable at any of the Ambassador Hotels. However, members must acquire the award vouchers, in accordance with various redemption plans proposed by different Ambassador Hotels, via Internet or contact Ambassador Welcome Member Center for award redemptions prior to their visits to the Ambassador Hotels nationwide.
    • When a member proceeds for the Ambassador Welcome Member award redemption, the corresponding number of Ambassador Welcome Member points will be automatically deducted from the member’s account as soon as the redemption or reservation is accepted. If a member does not have a sufficient number of Ambassador Welcome Member points in his or her account, the redemption or reservation will be canceled. If a member wants to cancel the Ambassador Welcome Member award redemption after he or she succeeds in making a reservation and receiving the award voucher, the member has to send the voucher back first, then the Welcome Member Center will return the corresponding Ambassador Welcome Member points that have been deducted to the member’s account. The member may log into his or her account and check Welcome Member points within three days.
    • Ambassador Welcome Member awards are not combinable with any other awards, benefits or special offers at a time. However, a member may choose to use multiple awards for back-to- back hotel stays.
    • To ensure the validation and prevent some possible losses caused by counterfeit, members are required to provide the number of the complimentary accommodation voucher when making a reservation.
    • If a member makes a reservation with an accommodation voucher but fails to check in on the reserved arrival date, and no advanced cancellation is made, the complimentary accommodation voucher will become invalid, and no corresponding points will be returned to the member’s account. If a member cancels a reservation on the reserved check-in date, the complimentary accommodation voucher will be invalid, and only 70% of the corresponding points will be returned to the member’s account. A cancellation made a day prior to the check- in date will assure the validation of an accommodation voucher, and no punitive compensation will be requested.
    • Ambassador Welcome Member awards are not negotiable, commissionable or redeemable for cash.
    • Ambassador Welcome Member points are not redeemable for New Taiwan Dollars or any other foreign currencies.
    • Ambassador Welcome Member holds the rights to stipulate the terms and conditions of award utilization and the regulations and restrictions of award redemption.
  • Combining Points
    • Ambassador Welcome Member points, generated from accommodation expenditures occurred at the Ambassador Hotels nationwide, are to be accumulated in individual accounts only. A single account cannot be shared with any other account and is not subject to synchronized point accumulation.
    • Points accumulated in each individual account may not be combined in order to proceed for award or accommodation redemption. Only individual point accumulation is approved.
    • Whenever a member of Ambassador Welcome Member plans to have an accumulation of points, a related photo ID and the membership card should be presented to verify the member’s qualification of point earning. Failure to accomplish this request may result in an invalid point accumulation.
  • Purchasing Points
    • The Ambassador Welcome Member program has been designed to reward and encourage consumption and expenditure at the Ambassador Hotels operated by the Ambassador Hotel Co. Ltd. Consequently, Ambassador Welcome Member points come, in principle, from the accommodation expenditures spent at every Ambassador Hotel managed by the Ambassador Hotel Co. Ltd.
    • No Ambassador Welcome Member points can be acquired by purchase. Only the hotel expenditures spent, with Listed Rate or Discounted Rate, at the Ambassador Hotels may be turned, with a stipulated exchange rate, into Ambassador Welcome Member points.
    • Other than certain point-purchasing activities officially approved by Ambassador Welcome Member, any actions or declarations for Ambassador Welcome Member point accumulation may be illegal, and all points produced by any of the illegal trades will be considered invalid.
  • Transferring Awards
    • All awards redeemed form the Ambassador Welcome Member program will be mailed, with no specific name pre-printed, to the address designated by members who apply for the redemption.
    • Members hold the absolute rights to dispose all awards redeemed from Ambassador Welcome Member points, and everyone, not only the member self, is entitled to the use of those awards.
    • All awards redeemed from Ambassador Welcome Member program are not for resale. The Ambassador Hotel Co. Ltd. and the system of Ambassador Welcome Member have no relationship with any disputes caused by award resale.
  • Welcome Member Services at Ambassador Hotels
    • To ensure members enjoying Ambassador Welcome Member services at the Ambassador Hotels, the Ambassador Welcome Member account number or other related information that identifies the membership will be required when a reservation is being made. Exclusive Ambassador Welcome Member Services and benefits are only applicable at the Ambassador Hotels in Taiwan, R.O.C.
    • The Ambassador Hotels will make the best-faith efforts to deliver specified services to members. However, the services provided at the Ambassador Hotels in Taiwan, R.O.C. might be inconsistent for the time being. In such cases, the Ambassador Hotels may not be liable for refunds or responsible for any possible consequential losses.
  • Platinum Membership

      The Ambassador Welcome Member Plan offers Gold and Platinum membership tiers. New members are Gold members, and a Gold member may become a Platinum member in accordance with the member’s expense records.

    • The Ambassador Welcome Member Platinum membership will be given to Ambassador Welcome Members who, in the course of one calendar year (January to December),accumulate a minimum of 15 stays or 30 nights at eligible rates, and provide valid Ambassador Welcome Member number at time of reservation or check-in. A member must re-qualify each year for Platinum Membership. The period of membership validity counts from the date Platinum Membership is acquired until the same day next year. When a member pays for more than one room, only the room in which the member stays will count toward Platinum membership.
    • Other than the standard Ambassador Welcome points earned on Published Rates, Discounted Rates, and Eligible Incidental Charges, Platinum members will also receive an additional 30% bonus points every time they stay at the Ambassador Hotels.
  • Ambassador Fubon Co-Branded Credit Card
    • Cardholders of the Welcome Member program who hold a Fubon and Ambassador co-branded credit card (regardless of card type) and make payments using this card may earn a 30 percent bonus in points in addition to points accumulated through the purchase.
  • Maintaining Account Information
    • When one enrolls in the Ambassador Welcome Member program, he or she will receive an account number, and a password will be requested in order for the member to log in to the member’s website to check personal account information and redeem Ambassador Welcome Member awards. If one enrolls at a hotel, by phone or by mail, the member will receive a notice providing a temporary password within 4 weeks. After accessing member website with the temporary code, the member will be asked to change the pre-assigned password.
    • Members of Ambassador Welcome Member must proceed for the confirmation of membership and account information on the original application date every year. The Ambassador Welcome Member center will send out related notification by e-mail, and all members are requested to accomplish the whole procedure before deadline. Members who fail to complete the confirmation in time will receive a second e-mail of notification. Incomplete confirmation of membership may lead to a frozen account without any further notification.
    • When updating personal membership information online, a member can change the pre- assigned password at any time. If a member chooses to change the password, it should not be able to be guessed by others and should be easy for the member to remember. Special characters, such as @#$%^&*;:/, are not permitted. The Ambassador Hotels are entitled to act on instructions received under a member’s account number and personal information. For security purposes, it is highly recommended that members memorize the passwords, instead of writing them down. Members should be responsible for keeping passwords, account numbers and other account information confidential. Ambassador Hotel Co. Ltd. is not responsible for any credits or debits made to a member’s account by anyone else using the member’s password.
    • A member of Ambassador Welcome Member must provide his or her Ambassador Welcome Member account number and verify the personal code prior to receiving any account information. The individual account information will be given to the one whose name appears on the membership account unless specially required for a law enforcement investigation or by law process.
    • If a member logs in to his or her Ambassador Welcome Member account and finds out errors or omissions on the transactions posted, the member should send an application on the members’ website, and Welcome Member Center will inform the member to provide an excerpt of hotel expense details and fax it to the Ambassador Welcome Member center in writing within 30 days. Ambassador Welcome Member Center will reconcile the account and make required adjustments to the member’s account. When reporting any errors and omissions in the member’s account, a photocopy of an applicable hotel bill and payment receipt should be enclosed.
    • If Ambassador Welcome Member improperly denies a point accrual or benefits, Ambassador Hotels’ responsibilities will be limited to the equivalent of that point accrual or benefits.
    • Ambassador Welcome Member holds the right to correct any Ambassador Welcome Member points posted in error.
    • It is a member’s responsibility to notify Ambassador Welcome Member of any address or name changes. Legal documents, such as marriage certificate, driver’s license or legal court documents will be a must when a name change is applied.
    • Ambassador Hotels consist of hotels managed, franchised, or leased by subsidiaries and affiliates of the Ambassador Hotel Co. Ltd. The name, design, and related marks of the Ambassador Hotels and Ambassador Welcome Member are the trademark of Ambassador Hotel Co. Ltd. All rights reserved.
  • Privacy Policy

      The Welcome Member website is operated and managed by Ambassador Hotel Co., Ltd. To ensure the protection of consumers’ personal information, privacy, rights, and interests, the personal information of consumers used for any transaction over the site will be maintained and managed according to the following terms in accordance with Article 8 of the Personal Information Protection Act:

    • The purposes and methods for collecting personal information:
      The company collects personal information for the purposes of customer management, membership management and marketing, booking registration and ticket purchasing matters, internal data collection and analysis, membership services and promotions, parcel delivery, account management, and management of tourism and travel industry business (the item codes specifying these legal purposes are 037, 066, 022, 039, 060, 092). Personal information is collected from individuals when they apply for membership or place an order for purchase.
    • Types of Personal Information Collection:
      The personal information collected over the website by the company includes
      (1) C001 Individual identification: Such as a consumer’s name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and other similar information.
      (2) C002 Financial identification: Such as credit card or debit account information.
      (3) C003 Government-issued identification: Such as ID number or passport number (foreigners). (4) C011 Personal descriptions: Such as gender, nationality, and date of birth.
      (5) C013 Habits: Smoking.
    • Period of use, region, information and method
      (1) Period: During the Welcome Member membership period
      (2) Region: Areas of company operations, areas covered by the company’s outsourced businesses, and business locations of entities that have working relationships with the company.
      (3) Use of information and method: The personal information of consumers will be handled through either automatic or non-automatic (orally or in writing) means within the scope of the aforementioned purposes of use by the employees of the company, the company's overseas branches, National Credit Card Center of R.O.C, acquiring institutions, credit card acquirers, outsourced businesses (including logistics and parcel services),joint marketing vendors and business units, and government agencies operating under a regulatory authority.
    • Consumer rights regarding personal information:
      Consumers may exercise the following rights provided by Article 3 of the Personal Information Protection Act regarding the personal information they provide to the company: (1) inquiring or accessing personal information; (2) requesting duplicate copies; (3) amendments or corrections; (4) requesting the discontinuation of data gathering, processing, or usage; (5) requesting removal. They may call the company’s customer service to begin the application process. The company reserves the right to charge fees to its cover costs.
    • Consumers who do not provide their personal information shall not be able to join as a member of the Welcome Member program, accumulate bonus points, exchange gifts, or participate in all other benefits and activities related to membership.
    • These terms and conditions supersede prior terms and conditions.

      Copyright © 2016 Ambassador Hotel Co. Ltd.

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