Ambassador Beef Noodle Soup

Ambassador Beef Noodle Soup

  The Ambassador Hotel has been established over 52 years ago, and the beef noodle soup has always played a rather secretive role. It was turned public due to it’s “secret ingredients”. 

  Using more than 40 ingredients and combinations and more than 10 hours of boiling in low heat, the Ambassador Beef Noodle Soup is incomparable with any other beef noodle soup on the market. 

  It includes the Shichuan seasoning bag that allows you to customize your stock the way you like it. Especially with the “secret seasonings” bag, it adds an extra sweetness in the stock that will be an unforgettable experience in your mouth. 

   The Australian beef is not only juicy, but tender and melts right in your mouth. The noodles are chewy and has absorbed from the mild, flavorful and spicy stock. The Ambassador beef noodle soup is delicious whether as a gift for your friends and family, or a treat for yourself to enjoy. 


Ambassador Beef Noodle Soup NT$280/pc




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